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Asexualita, HSDD a DSM: Kolaborativní zpráva (anglicky: Asexuality, HSDD, and the DSM: A Collaborative Report) je zpráva sestavená a vydaná pětičlennou skupinou AVEN DSM Taskforce s účelem ovlivnit plánovanou revizi DSM pro páté vydání tak, aby asexualita nadále nemohla být zahrnována pod sexuální poruchy jako hyposexualita.


In 2007 APA set up a task force to start this massive undertaking, with many different Committees and subcommittees. people on AVEN / in the ace community ( and back then, AVEN really was still a central point of the ace community ) wanted to do something about it. This was 2008. put together a report “Asexuality, HSDD, and the DSM A Collaborative Report” and submitted to the Sexual Disorders Subcommittee of the DSM-IV-TR Review Committee.

There was a literature review of the limited ace-related academic research ( though there wasn’t much at the time ), some interviews with psychologists and such about how they thought clinicians should approach asexuality. And 3 of us also included personal statements. The report was 78 pages long ( not including the article that one of the psychologists we interviewed asked us to include ).

I remember there weren’t many psychologists willing to talk to us. As a group we must have sent out hundreds of e-mails. Ultimately we got about 7 responses– and 1 asked to be anonymous, even though only the only people to see the report were us and the Sexual Disorders Subcommittee. To this day our report has not been published anywhere ( because those were the terms of confidentiality under which we interviewed people ).

We heard informally from one of the committee members that our report was useful for them in discussing asexuality in the context of potential revisions to the HSDD diagnosis. But that was it. Then we waited… to see what would happen. And eventually something did: in 2013 the APA put out the DSM-5 and its new diagnostic criteria. They did mention asexuality in the text explaining the criteria, but it’s kind of only a half-success as far as I’m concerned ( But more info on that below ).

Looking back, I marvel a little about how certain things have changed. There were 5 of us who submitted a single document. Part of that was because that wasn’t a group prepared to listed to “the public” and certainly not to “activists”.[1],+HSDD,+and+the+DSM:+A+Collaborative+Report&source=bl&ots=PAH8hv5Qij&sig=ACfU3U2VNOdU2dGQb4T__axRoyNFq6x4dQ&hl=cs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjm__3rqInjAhXRqHEKHZYfB0UQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=%22sexual%20dysfunctions%20and%20asexuality%20in%20dsm-5%22&f=false

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